The Silliest Limericks

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This page is devoted to the silliest limericks that I have ever written! The first one you see is the one that I selected to introduce myself to my on-line classmates in my on-line Introduction to Literature class. Following, are the sillier and finally silliest ones that I wrote as rough drafts. As you will no doubt observe, in most cases they were silly that I was left with no other choice but to laugh, shake my head, scratch the piece of rat dung and start afresh and anew...

o n e

My first is John Walter E.
Haddad is the last you see
Names are so silly,
At least I aint Philly
I could have been Susan but nay I am me!

t w o

Youngest of three
I’m the baby you see
Called John, the gift from God,
You might actually think it odd,
That I’m as likeable as a rock might be.

t h r e e

Youngest of three,
I’m the baby you see
Called John,
Don’t Yawn!
I must be me.

f o u r

My name is John
Please don’t yawn,
I’m not the silly boy you might be thinking
So please don’t laugh at the words I’m inking,
For high school English is long, long gone.

f i v e

Scottdale, born and raised,
Now don’t you go looking fazed,
Cuz, these words are more than they appear,
They really make me think of the great Shakespear,
And all his witty, remembered plays

s i x

John is my name
Fun is my game
And if this course is hard
I shall surely put up my guard
To English “stuff”, it being so lame.

s e v e n

Hello, my name is John,
My face is not speckled like a fawn,
Instead it is clear as glass,
Or kerosene, some kind of gas,
And then I awake and see that my face has spawn.

l a s t

My mommy said to da-da, “Bonnie”!
That name would be quite funny,
Too bad if it would be a boy,
Cuz, we already got it all kinds of girlie toys,
Oh well, I ended up to be Johnny!

Well, that is all he wrote! If you would like to contribute your own limerick, though, just drop me an email and I'll post it... keep it clean though!
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